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CSA 'On-the-Go'

  • 100 CSA-type scenarios completely broken down in 5 hours
  • What to ask, what not to miss, key red flags, psycho-social links
  • Clinical guideline summaries, management options, referral guidance

Listen to a 2 minute sample (CSA Audiobook)

AKT Clinical 'On-the-Go'

  • 4.5 hours of focused AKT clinical
  • All the key diagnoses, investigations and treatments
  • Clinical guidelines summarised to highlight bits you need to know

Listen to a 2 minute sample (AKT Clinical Audiobook )

Ultimate PLAB 1

  • 9 hours of focused clinical teaching for the PLAB 1 exam
  • All topics covered as per the GMC PLAB Blueprint
  • High yield areas covered, including common areas of struggle

Listen to a 14 minute sample (PLAB 1 Audiobook course)

PLAB 2 Communication

  • 2 hours of focused PLAB 2 communication skill
  • 25 scenarios broken down in terms of consultation skills

  • How to approach, improve rapport, tailor to the patient

Listen to a 2 minute sample (PLAB 2 Audiobook)

Medical Explanations

  • 220+ conditions, diagnoses, tests and investigations explained in simple terms
  • 4 hours of medical terminology broken down by Dr. Aman for your medical role-play exams or OSCEs
  • Improve the quality of your scenarios by breaking down explanations into patient-friendly language

Listen to a 7 minute sample (Medical Explanations Audiobook)

AKT Admin

  • 1.15 hours of pure AKT
    admin teaching
    eg DVLA
  • Large amounts of information broken down for easy recall

  • Clear explanations of managerial/legal aspects of GP

Listen to a 2 minute sample (AKT Admin Audiobook)

AKT Statistics ‘On-the-Go’

  • 2 hours of simplified statistics training for AKT
  • All key stats principles, graphs and calculations covered
  • Examples discussed to improve understanding and confidence

Listen to a 2 minute sample (AKT Statistics Audiobook)

MSRA Clinical Crammer
On-the-Go Audiobook

  • 6 hours of focused clinical teaching for the SRA / GP Stage 2 assessment
  • All clinical areas covered as per the MSRA Blueprint
  • All teaching up-to-date and targeted to diagnosis, investigation and management

Listen to a 9 minute sample (MSRA Clinical Crammer On-the-Go Audiobook Audiobook)

51 Principles to Maximise Your
GP Training

  • 51 key ideas and principles that can transform your GP training years
  • From leadership to PDPs, from exams to opportunities
  • Learn to maximise your potential and become the best trainee you can be

Listen to a 6 minute sample (Maximise GP Training Audiobook)

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